Metrication | Metrification And Its Application In Engineering & World Measurements

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Metrication is the act of switching to the metric system of measurement. It can also be referred to as metrification. Nations all across the world have switched from using customary, regional units of measuring to the metric system. Starting in France in the 1790s, this trend has continued for two centuries, resulting in 95% of the world’s official population utilizing the current metric system. However, this also emphasizes the fact that some nations and industries have either opted not to fully adopt the metric system or are still in the process of changing.

Designers and manufacturers have had to adjust to the new units, which has resulted in significant modification and rationalization since the building sector adopted the metric system of measurement in the early 1970s.
The most noteworthy have been product advancements that have been planned around the 300 mm ideal dimension. Subdivisions of 50 mm and 25 mm rank third and fourth, respectively, below the second preference of 100 mm. These days, a lot of producers base their goods on the 100 mm module and arrange their parts in a three-dimensional structure made up of 100 mm cubes.

This ensures that products are metrically and dimensionally coordinated and compatible with global markets. An excellent illustration of a well-developed product is the kitchen fittings, which come in 600 mm in depth and 300, 600, 1200 mm widths, among other sizes. The transition to metric bricks in dimensions of 200 or 300 mm by 100 mm by 75 mm has not been as effective. Simply put, they don’t work well with the structures that already exist, and bricklayers have found them to be less practical.

Practically, speaking some constructors in the construction industry have not totally transitioned into the use of the metric system of measurement.

In engineering lectures in the university, designs and calculations are done in the metric system. Engineers in Nigeria employ the use of, and are fully conversant with the metrics system. However, in other places like India and the United States of America, the imperial system, a customary/traditional system of measurements is still been employed. Presently, Great Britain is combining the metric system with the imperial, after its full transitioning process faced backlash in Britain in 2007, a temporary halt was put to the full transition process.

In 2023, there was a decree in the United States of America for a full metrication.


Engineers, builders, constructors and those in the construction industry who are not fully utilizing the metric system yet, are therefore advised to start employing it in there daily construction and design duties.


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