Sundayadoga website accessible from www.sundayadoga.com.ng, is a website managed and authored by Sunday Adoga. Sunday Adoga professionally studied civil engineering from a Nigerian university, and graduated with a B.Eng in civil engineering in 2019. His love and quest for knowledge has ever since being a propelling factor, as well as a motivator for myriads of related and unrelated researches and studies. This activity forthwith, has broadened his horizon and insight into many other subject areas, matters and issues. Sundayadoga.com.ng domain, is a collective accumulation of these issues into a base domain for effective management, as much as it is for easy accessibility to all that may need those services. Services rendered by the domain include but not limited to news, reviews, civil engineering, tutorials, music, God’s word, CADD tutorials for civil engineers, and my services, from which section, who ever needs them may contact me.
While the services rendered by each section is in tandem with the respective headings for the aforementioned, the music section  “music.sundayadoga.com.ng“, categorically presents a galore of music lyrics of popular gospel songs, videos, news, my own songs from the SunadoMusic exclusives, and my free giveaways, downloads, lyrics, streams and DSP services available at sunnypraise.sundayadoga.com.ng.